Handdrawn Mazes...

...in oversize. On this site you can find the most likely largest handdrawn mazes. They are all drawn with pencil on Paper, very oldschool. If you have the time and the will, you can have a walkthrough, they are solvable. You can buy and download all of the four projects in high resolution to make a print or to try and solve them. Also you will find here some digital art that was made out of these mazes. 

This is a datail from project three. The lighter shows how small these ways are.

Project four while still uncompleted

Here you can have a look at the smallest of these mazes - project one, still unfinished.

This is project number four, the largest and most current maze. The whole map of germany is hidden inside these lines. This project took me 267 hours of working time, I was working on it for more than one year. 50 pencils had been used.

This is project number two with the characteristic fishbone, as you can see, it is also still uncompleted here.

A little galery of vector-art..

Here you can look at what can arise out of these mazes when they are coloured after being vectorised.

This picture was arising out of my first project named 'Darknet Maze'.

A mysterious world, originated from project two or three.

This one arose from project three, the big dark land of Grey Country.

Here is a template, that arose from project two, I think it is the most interesting of these pictures

This 2-colour image is called the 'mashine dog'

'Green Steems' - An all green parallel world.